Trustlane LLC takes crypto to the next level 

 Trustlane LLC is proud to announce its upcoming ICO whitelisting, providing users with the  best possible crypto experience with a focus on dependability and usability. The  company’s DBFI ecosystem is a platform for the future of financial transactions, built  on top of a hybrid blockchain that offers both the security of a decentralized ledger  and the speed of a centralized database. With the DBFI ecosystem, businesses  can accelerate their B2B activities by utilizing tools and services that save both time and  resources. The platform also offers advanced features such as open smart contract  functionality and scalable transaction processing to enhance financial confirmation and  secure messaging.  

“At Trustlane LLC, our goal is to provide users with a crypto technology experience that  is both reliable and user-friendly,” said Agus Salim, Co-founder of Trustlane LLC. With  DBFI ecosystem, we are excited to offer a platform that can support the future of  financial transactions and help businesses save time and resources. 

The DBFI platform is aimed to function as a bridge between the crypto and fiat economies.  DBFI is also being prepared as a public platform that provides applications utilizing smart contract technology and CBDC (Central Bank Digital Coin) as access to a business transaction  (B2B), financial sector, and investment. 

The DBFI platform supporting stablecoins to process of financial transactions. Stablecoins bridge the worlds of cryptocurrency and everyday fiat currency because their prices are  pegged to a reserve asset like the U.S. dollar or gold. The combination of traditional-asset  stability with digital-asset flexibility has proven to be a wildly popular idea. Billions of dollars  in esteem have streamed into stablecoins as they’ve turned into the absolute most well-known  ways of putting away and exchanging esteem in the crypto ecosystem. Stablecoins are  liberated from the unpredictability of non-fixed digital currencies while acquiring a portion of  their most impressive properties.  

Trustlane LLC is powered by the DBFI platform and the DBFI Coin, which is built on top of the  hybrid blockchain. DBFI stands for Decentralized Banking, Finance, and Investment, all the  products that Trustlane offers its users. Users who want to join the platform must register to  be whitelisted . Over time, the DBFI platform will also host Decentralized Applications (DApps)  utilizing Open Smart Contracts (OSM), developed by Trustlane LLC as well. 

Trustlane started its research and development phases in 2021, Since then, the platform has  done its ground job on hybrid blockchain and acquired the necessary permits and licenses.  The DBFI which stands for “Decentralized Banking Finance Investment”, primarily acts as  transaction management within banking, finance, and investment sectors. The DBFI ERC-20- based token enables the public, business, and financial sectors to participate in expanding the  ecosystem.  

Trustlane LLC in a subsidiary of PT IDFC Internasional, head quartered Jakarta, Indonesia. For  more information. ( info@trustlane.llc)