Ermal Kopani e KTS Finance

Ermal Kopani e KTS Finance

Ermal Kopani e KTS Finance

 KTS Finance is one of the most important insurance agencies in the Brescia area. Multi-representative insurance and financial operator has a network of collaborators able to oversee all the major areas of insurance. These characteristics make it a privileged interlocutor for families and businesses who wish to have a reliable partner for the resolution of all their protection and security needs.

The sectors in which it operates

KTS Finance operates in all the primary insurance sectors, thus being able to be a referral agency for its customers for the management and the resolution of all their needs.

Through its network of collaborators KTS Finance, and its owner Ermal Kopani, is pleased to provide advice and insurance products in the field of car and accident insurance, as well as in travel insurance and in the forms of protection of your home and its content against any potential risk constituting a prejudice on what, for most Italians, is the most important emotional and financial heritage: the property they own.

There is no shortage of social security integration services, which will allow all interested parties to build a savings path aimed at guaranteeing a better standard of living when they stop working, for the benefit of themselves and their loved ones. As well as life insurance and investment policies, which for many people constitute an inevitable step in the construction of the best management of their assets, against any event.

A specific service branch is also intended for companies. A full business offer can be addressed to meet the needs of the small entrepreneur as well as those of the manager of a large organization: a range of alternative solutions that, over the years, has allowed many economic operators to find in KTS Finance the best ally for more serene and aware planning of one’s activities.

The partners

KTS Finance collaborates with some of the most prominent and important insurance and financial companies: from Reale Mutua to Generali, from Axa to Unipol, till international operators such as Lloyd, in KTS Finance, it will be possible to find the most suitable and highest quality solutions, provided by all operators of greater reliability and professionalism in a global context.

KTS Finance is also committed to constantly monitoring the best solutions offered by insurance companies: its experts select daily the products deemed best able to meet the costumer’s needs to guarantee the availability of an increasingly competitive and convenient range of alternatives.

Where it is: all contacts

KTS Finance is located in Brescia, via Aldo Moro 13, at Palazzo Mercurio. It is possible to benefit from an initial remote consultancy aimed at understanding how the insurance and financial agency can support the resolution of all your needs in these areas.