Ollie and Bozo: The Cutest Dog Instagram Account to Follow This Year

Ollie and Bozo: The Cutest Dog Instagram Account to Follow This Year

Ollie and Bozo: The Cutest Dog Instagram Account to Follow This Year

If you love dogs and puppies, you need to follow the Instagram account of Ollie and Bozo, an adorable dog pair with almost 12.5k followers already! This best dog Instagram account might be new on the scene, but it’s already making waves due to its food videos on YouTube, amazing photo updates, and fun captions that show the close bond between the two dogs and the owners. 

Prachi Tyagi is a dog lover and when her daughter Aahana showed her interest to welcome a dog at home, the proud mother got a Maltese and a Shichon which Aahana adores now.

Many people rely on Instagram as their go-to source of inspiration and to discover new trends in everything from fashion to food. That gave Prachi an idea to create an Instagram page and YouTube channel for Ollie and Bozo so that they can share their happiness with other dog lovers along with educating them on how to overcome the overwhelming feeling of being a new dog owner and food they can make for their pets at home.

Ollie and Bozo became internet sensations after Prachi, and Aahana Tyagi (The mom and daughter duo) started posting pictures of them on Instagram and videos related to different aspects of dog life. 

Their Instagram page will surely brighten your day. Just like most dogs, Ollie and Bozo love the great outdoors, they’re very protective of each other and they’re always willing to cuddle after Prachi’s long day at work or Aahana’s school. 

If you are a dog lover and haven’t followed any dog Instagram account yet, Ollie and Bozo is a must. They will steal your heart with their charming faces and positive energy.

Prachi’s mission is bigger with Instagram and YouTube. Along with sharing dog food content or workout, bathing ideas, and more she and Aahana frequently organize fundraising campaigns to support different dog centers. 

Rather than using their pets for the purpose of sponsorship or making money, their aim is to inspire other dog owners and support animal shelters with their regular needs.

Prachi believes with the two dogs, she and her family not only have been able to share love but also provided an opportunity to give back to the community in the form of animal welfare. As things in people’s lives get rushed there is no time for people to care about others. Prachi’s family is an inspiration, and as conscious humans, we need to take care of the animals around us. Follow Ollie And Bozo’s Instagram and YouTube to support their work. https://www.youtube.com/c/BozoandOllie