Rico Handjaja- How to Grab Opportunities.

Rico Handjaja- How to Grab Opportunities.

Rico Handjaja- How to Grab Opportunities.

When opportunities arise, we have two options: do, or just watch them go by. The most successful people always opt for the former. They have learnt the fact that opportunities, though very small, can open doors and lead to places if only taken at the appropriate time.

I am sure you have heard of tales where some entrepreneur by chance met someone during an event or a lucky phone-call that bought the deal/funding that propelled the business. Chance favors the prepared mind: this means that luck plays a part but one also needs to be prepared to act upon such opportunities. They had fresh ideas and skills and access to resources and determination that made them particularly well placed to take advantage when the chance arose.

The same is true for any career’s opportunities. A heads up may come when your employer informs you that a new position opens at your place of work. If you have been working hard, developing adequate skills, and keeping track of the events unfolding around you at the workplace, you have the most significant chance of getting the promotion. You are ready to play your cards open and demonstrate how you deserve this position.

What does it mean when you are ready and willing to take opportunities?

On a very elementary level it involves being in the know – looking out for opportunities that you can go for. It also entails making the necessary preparations as best as one can even when certain opportunities are not just yet knocking at the door. Excellent job performance, connections, continued education – these are the efforts that result in getting your first “in” so that when the time for a promotion or a raise arrives you already have one foot in the door.

It also requires initiative- acting on one’s own rather than just reacting to events. And they should have positive chances more often. Volunteer when you can, try new responsibilities. Being proactive also helps develop networks and skills that lead to the ideal Career progression.

But most importantly, an opportunistic attitude implies fear. If there is something you always wanted to do – don’t hesitate and go for it! Fortune favors the bold. Participate in class by raising your hands and offering suggestions, do not be afraid of failing or being declined. It is successful people who always look back at certain moments in their professional lives and realize that at one point they just decided to do something and voila! The outcome is even better than they initially expected.

This means that one should be able to identify opportunities that would be advantageous to him/her and then plan early enough so as to be in a position to take advantage of the opportunities as they come. 

How Opportunities Result to Success?

It is not a possibility that leads to success – it is an opportunity that you have to look for and grab when it helps you to achieve your objectives. It is possible to say that the more flexible the person is, the more chances for success waiting for him.

One of the greatest secrets of success is the ability to find the potential of success. Most individuals are unable to spot opportunities that can help them in their career growth, connection with the right people, or even getting the things that can make them happy. To spot opportunities that are worthy of being pursued requires attention and foresight.

When one finds an opportunity all that is needed is to act. One should not be deluded by an open door because it ultimately closes and so there is no room for one to be on the fence. Be able to take risks and go through doors and also have the self-assurance to make the most of those opportunities. Turn possibilities into realities.

Going after brighter opportunities also helps in developing resilience and positive attitude. This is not always the case but sometimes you find yourself in a situation where the opening does not lead to the expected direction but it is also an opportunity for you to gain some experiences and skills. Thomas Edison is a great example of someone who came up with over a thousand prototypes before attaining success in inventing the light bulb. He took time to analyze what went wrong and made slight adjustments until he achieved success.

The company of positive people boosts one’s chances of getting more opportunities while giving needed support to pursue them. They will inspire you and give you the impetus to move forward. The need for networking is extremely critical as well since this results in fruitful opportunities.

High performers actively create situations instead of being reactive. They also share clear objectives, develop unique ways of achieving them, and implement them with a proactive attitude. They present attractive ideas to the office’s workforce, offer to be involved in significant tasks, and call potential customers.

However, it can be argued that how far the opportunities can take you depends largely on your aspiration. Always try to explore more and more opportunities for learning. New challenges, new challenges confront with courage. Though it is not negligible, luck is still not the primary factor – you have much more control over how your career moves forward through the choices that you make about the opportunities you want to pursue. Claim it, get it and make it – and you will reach your goal.

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