SDG Lab: Striving for more

SDG Lab: Striving for more

SDG Lab: Striving for more

Social Discovery Group (SDGroup) is a technology company with a global reach, dedicated to facilitating social connections through social discovery and creating Social Life 3.0. SDGroup was founded by Dmitry Borisovich Volkov. The company has an SDG Lab, a venture studio that is engaged in the development of social discovery applications.

SDG Lab strives to be ahead of its time by using the latest technologies and innovative ideas to create products that can change the industry. They are focused on creating virtual worlds that bring people together, erasing the boundaries of cultural and linguistic differences.

One of such products is EVA AI. It is an artificial intelligence-powered application that allows users to build a new form of relationship with a virtual companion. It always listens, responds, and understands you, has its own character, and can share thoughts and emotions as it gets to know the user. EVA AI is a unique product in its niche, aimed at creating a virtual world that immerses people in artificial reality.

Another product from SDG Lab Magnet. It is a social discovery game where users create avatars based on selfies and add their interests and hobbies at the initial stage instead of photos. If users like each other, they gain access to real photos and start their journey in relationships, passing various levels, stages, and discoveries like in an engaging game.

Tubit is an online learning platform that uses streaming video and artificial intelligence technologies. With Tubit, users can learn various subjects and skills, receive feedback and recommendations from an intelligent system that analyzes learning data and creates personalized programs.

Another company’s product is BamBam, a video chat service that takes online communication to a new level with augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and intelligent translation in multiple languages. The BamBam app brings people with different cultural traditions, beliefs, and interests together, erasing the boundaries that once divided us.

Social Discovery Group continues to explore and implement new technologies, aiming to stay at the forefront of innovation in the industry. SDG Lab is an embodiment of inspiring ideas and technological progress that leads to improving the lives of people around the world.