VenHub- Why We Need Smart Technology in Convenience and Retail Stores

VenHub- Why We Need Smart Technology in Convenience and Retail Stores

VenHub- Why We Need Smart Technology in Convenience and Retail Stores

To increase the overall satisfaction for customers to shop at retail stores, we need to use more smart technology. A small change like the self-checkout system has reduced the time for making purchases, and removed the frustration of being in the long lines with the product in hand.

Another example is the smart shelves which notify the staff when the products are running low. Which has made the store owner aware about the demand and make it available while customers are looking for it. 

These small changes with smart technology have increased the revenue of numerous stores around the US. VenHub is one such automated smart store that facilitates all the necessary technology for convenience and retails stores to thrive. So, that every customer who visits can leave with the excitement of making a safe and easy purchase. 

Shahan Ohanessian, the founder of VenHub, explains, “With our app or touch-screen interface, customers can effortlessly order their items. Our robotic arms swiftly grab, pack, and transfer the items to the secure pickup window.”

Because of the problem with vandalism, many convenience stores open for certain hours. But with the adoption of VenHub automated smart stores as part of their shop, many retail outlets are now able to provide 24/7 service without any fear of thief and other related issues.  

According to Shahan “ Environmental sustainability is also a growing concern, and smart technology can contribute to energy-efficient store operations”. Retail stores have affected the environment and climate in numerous ways. With more use of smart technology like VenHub (which uses solar power for operation),  can reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emission. 

Additionally Ohanessian says “Smart technology can help stores monitor their carbon footprint and take steps towards more sustainable practices.”

VenHub smart stores solves a great number of issues related to retail stores. The idea of embracing futuristic stores, where AI takes care of the entire shopping process in just a few minutes, is something we really need to consider. 
VenHub is creating a whole new way of shopping for our everyday needs. These smart stores use technology to make shopping more convenient and enjoyable. They give us more control and make our shopping experience more personal. As we move ahead, it’s important to see the potential in these AI-powered smart stores.