Why Children Are the Most Vulnerable to EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Radiation and How to Protect Them?

Why Children Are the Most Vulnerable to EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Radiation and How to Protect Them?

Why Children Are the Most Vulnerable to EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Radiation and How to Protect Them?

Digital pollution on our planet is exponentially increasing due to vast usage of wireless technologies and implementation of new 5G and 6G emitters. Man- made, artifical energy signals falls into two major categories: electro-magnetic fields (EMF) radio frequencies (RF) and extremely low frequencies.

The developing bodies of children have the highest health risks due to constant exposure to EMFs. Rapidly increasing exposure levels raise concerns among advocates, scientists, and parents. Since the 1980s, environmental EMFs level has been increased more than 20,000 times. This is due to the rapidly growing demand for innovative digital technologies. Moreover, vast changes in our life styles have led to longer exposure time to EMF and RF emitters at our homes.

Radio frequencies range between 30 kHz and 300 GHz and involve 5G radiation, WiFi, and mobile devices. On the other hand, extremely low frequencies range between 3 and 3,000 Hz, so they involve in-house wiring and high-voltage transmission lines.

Research indicates that there is a correlation between EMF exposure and risk of developing different health problems. Even minimal amount of EMF exposure breaks down melatonin and serotonin molecules in the body. Melatonin and serotonin play very critical role in sleep and mental health. That finding itself explains the epidemic level of sleep deprivation in modern societies. The rate of autistic spectrum disorders (ASD), ADHS, ADD, depression and anxiety in children are seen in highest rates ever. There are strong links shown between EMF exposure and leukemia, brain tumors in childhood. This is due to electromagnetic fields’ carcinogenic nature. Based on an evaluation by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, radio frequencies and extremely low frequencies were classified as potential human carcinogens.

The constant exposure can also contribute to electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome, which includes various non-specific symptoms targeting different organs. Some children and adults can show more prominent reactions to EMF exposure. They can have acute or chronic inflammation in the various organ systems, arrythmia, headaches, memory & learning problems, fatigue, and skin changes. 

Why Are Children More Vulnerable to EMFs?

It’s well known that children are at a higher risk of developing long term health problems due to many harmful threat. That’s because their organs are still developing, which means that cells are dividing at a rapid pace which makes them more vulnerable to EMF radiation. And since they have a higher life expectancy, it gives plenty of time to develop chronic and irreversible diseases, including cancer. One study even proves that children’s brain tissue absorbs twice as much microwave radiation as adults’ brains. Compared to adults, their skulls are quite thinner which leads to deeper penetration of EMF signals. Due to thinner layers of skin and bone, they also face a higher likelihood of bone marrow exposure, which may lead to leukemia. 

There are plenty of studies showing that children are more susceptible to EMF radiation. For instance, one 1996 study shows that microwave radiation could penetrate deeper into children’s brains than adults’ brains. Specifically, it has stronger effects on children between the ages of 5 and 10. Naturally, this can be attributed to how children’s bones are still developing, so the skull likely allows radiation to pass through easily.

Besides children, pregnant women and fetuses also have higher risk of absorbing electromagnetic radiation, which can disrupt development the embryonic stage. Research shows a link between exposure to EMFs, such as cell phone radiation, and a higher risk of miscarriage. Also the disrupted development of fetus leads to life time anomalies and chronic diseases. 

In one 2017 study, results indicated that pregnant women who faced higher levels of exposure to radiation from cell towers and wireless devices were three times more likely to miscarry than those who faced low levels of EMF and RF exposure.

How to Protect Our Children from EMF Exposure?

Ideally, the best way to prevent EMF exposure for children is to maintain distance from the source of radiation and limit their exposure time to EMF. However, these are very challenging protective measures. EMFs are everywhere and children have tendency to keep their devices in their proximity, especially in their pockets. It is hard to keep them away from popular mobile devices. Children spend most of their time at school and home, in both environments they are surrounded by many EMF emitters. 

At home, limiting child’s screen time, can help to keep them away from EMF sources. They should be informed to keep their mobile phones in airplane mode and turn their devices off when they don’t need them. Also their bedrooms should be free of any electronic devices. 

Parents and teachers should be educated to take precautionary steps to protect children from high level EMF emitters, such as routers, smart phones, cell towers and 5G cameras. They can be also protected by using EMF shielding products and garments.

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