Apple Vision Pro Hands-On: The Best Headset Demo Ever

Recently announced at WWDC 2023, this groundbreaking headset aims to completely change the way we use technology and how we…

Why Children Are the Most Vulnerable to EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Radiation and How to Protect Them?

Digital pollution on our planet is exponentially increasing due to vast usage of wireless technologies and implementation of new 5G…

SDG Lab: Striving for more

Social Discovery Group (SDGroup) is a technology company with a global reach, dedicated to facilitating social connections through social discovery…

Legal Ease International Inc Wins 2023 New York Award

Legal-Ease International Inc Wins 2023 New York Award in Business Services Category, According to New York Award Program. Marketing is…

The Washington Diplomats Return: Igniting a New Era of American Soccer

Washington D.C. is abuzz with excitement as one of the most iconic teams in American soccer history is set to…

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