Micky Suri (57), also known as Micky Sanon, from Rochester NY, commits gross elder abuse of Darshan Suri (88) from Delhi, India.

Micky Suri’s father, Darshan Suri, has spent nearly 2 years tossed around between a myriad of hospitals and senior citizen homes in upstate New York; while his daughter, Micky Suri, has always lived just moments away, in a 3-bedroom house occupied only by herself, in Rochester NY.

Micky Suri, who has taken power of attorney and legal guardianship of her father, has also abandoned and neglected him in a gross case of elder abuse.

In November 2022, when the rest of the country was with their loved ones for the holidays, Darshan Suri spent Thanksgiving alone in Solstice Senior Citizens home in Fairport NY.

Shortly after Thanksgiving of 2022, Micky Suri did show up at Darshan Suri’s senior citizens home with two of Darshan Suri’s six grandchildren, but this was no prodigal return.

Micky Suri brought her children and Darshan Suri’s grandchildren, Serena Sanon (24) and Neal Sanon (16), to Darshan Suri’s room in Solstice Senior Citizens Home and instructed them to assault Darshan Suri and forcefully steal his laptops and mobile phones, while Micky Suri stood watch.

Darshan Suri had COVID-19 at the time of the larceny, a fact known to Micky Suri and his grandchildren. Anything could have happened to Darshan Suri, aged 87 and COVID positive, and he would have had no means of contacting anyone for help as his only modes of communications had been forcefully stolen from him by his own family.

Micky Suri proceeded to hack and tamper with Darshan Suri’s personal devices to curate false evidence of dementia, and absolve Darshan Suri of his autonomy.

Darshan Suri spent weeks trying to get a hold of other people’s phones, to call the police and friends in the Rochester Indian community for help in retrieving his own laptops and phones from Micky Suri.

Darshan Suri is a lucid man who migrated to the country in the 60s from India. Darshan Suri has worked his way from bottom up, actualizing the  American Dream for his family – deceased wife, Nilam Suri, and daughters, Micky Suri and Joy Minocha.

Darshan Suri avidly trades in the financial markets everyday at age 88, and has been doing so consistently for over 20 years since retirement.

Micky Suri took unfair advantage of her father’s immigrant roots as well as his way of understanding and expressing himself per Indian culture – in vast contrast to western culture –  to curate a case of dementia against Darshan Suri. 

Micky Suri manipulated a document with testimonies of family members denoting instances when Darshan Suri – like any average human being – had forgotten things, shown poor judgement, acted in anger, been clumsy, etc. 

Micky Suri, who has hauled out her divorce case for over a decade and is well-versed with family law in Monroe County, then used this document to find loopholes in an already broken system of national healthcare, and to have Darshan Suri declared a patient of dementia based on minimal evaluation that paid no regard to his cultural differences.

Micky Suri ensured she had sole charge of her father’s mail and medications, and also registered her father with her own health practitioner, in order to have absolute access to Darshan Suri’s health records against his consent and without his knowledge.

Micky Suri obtained Darshan Suri’s power of attorney to have absolute and unlimited control over his money.  

Last Thanksgiving, Micky Suri had dinner with the family at her ex-husband’s home – the same ex-husband who had punched Darshan Suri square in the face and permanently broken his neck in a heinous act of domestic violence committed against the elderly man – while Darshan Suri spent Thanksgiving alone in the senior citizens home. 

Darshan Suri has spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, every major holiday and special occasion alone and in tears despite having a legal guardian on paper, and a large family manipulated by matriarch, Micky Suri.

Darshan Suri has called the police, contacted adult protective services, begged the community for help against Micky Suri’s elder abuse thousands of times in the last year alone.

Most recently, Micky Suri has usurped possession of Darshan Suri’s real estate and changed the locks to his house without his consent, she has forcefully stolen his passport and social security documents, she has stolen his car, she has stolen the furniture in his home for use in her own rental properties. 

Darshan Suri continues to be deprived of basic amenities and necessities, and he is fed up of his living condition in hospitals and senior citizen homes across the state.

Despite being able to afford a full-time care and live in his own home, Micky Suri is adamant that Darshan Suri remains in a medical facility so she can substantiate her claims of his poor health and maintain his power of attorney in her name. 

Darshan Suri has yet to write his will and he has expressed to health professionals, law enforcement, adult protective services, and the wider community at large that he does not intend to leave anything to Micky Suri for all the abuse and suffering she has inflicted upon him in his old age.

Micky Suri is well aware of Darshan Suri’s intentions and is increasingly more adamant that his power of attorney remain under her name so she is best able to control his finances against his express wishes.

Darshan Suri reminisces about his childhood in India and grows nostalgic for the love, comfort, and care provided to him by his extended family that still live in India. 

He misses the feeling of home. 

Darshan Suri seeks a new lease on life in India with the integrity that he should be afforded in his old age as someone who has spent a lifetime in this country as a respectable, hardworking, and law-abiding member of American society.